The Brahea Centre operates on the boundary between the university and the broader society. As such, its purpose is to promote interaction between the University of Turku and society. The Centre works in close co-operation with the businesses, municipalities, and research and development organizations of the region. It operates in many regions, closest of which are Southwestern Finland and the Baltic Sea, and the furthest being the Middle East and Asia.

The primary operational sectors of R&D at the Brahea Centre are the maritime cluster, food and circular economy, innovations and entrepreneurship, cultural diversity and migration, and the media sector. As an independent unit of the University of Turku, the Brahea Centre operates both on land and on sea and is committed to ensuring the vitality of both the rural and the urban regions.

Facilitating societal interaction also encompasses the promotion of continuous learning and the development of professions and industries. As an integral part of the continuous learning services offered by the University of Turku, we offer opportunities to upgrade the skills of working specialists and the organisations they represent.

Popularised information about diverse activities

This blog aims to publish nontechnical, easy to understand articles, podcasts, and videos about the work of the Brahea Centre. These publications will cover topics such as current projects, project updates, plans and results, upcoming training events, and discussions of phenomena related to the Centre’s operational areas.

The name of the blog, Maalta ja mereltä (eng. From Land and Sea), describes the multidisciplinary and broad scope of the work done at the Brahea Centre. Its operations cover vast areas from shipyards to the seas and to modern specialist organisations in smart cities, and the activities range from increasing cultural diversity to developing more sustainable diets and sailing across the oceans.

The thematical categories of the blog are built around the focus areas of the Brahea Centre

  • Sea and Maritime Studies
  • Food Sector and Circular Economy
  • Staff and Organisations’ Development
  • New business Activities and Smart Communities
  • Development of Higher Education
  • Cultural Diversity and Migration

Promoting open communication and discussions

The purpose of this blog is to produce more open, accurate, and easy to understand content about the development and project activities at the University of Turku, and to share their results with wider audiences.

The contents of the blog are directed at specialists who are interested in learning more about the research and development work undertaken at the University of Turku. We hope this openness helps to increase cooperation and sharing of ideas between specialist networks and stakeholders, leading to new opportunities.

All specialists, collaborators, clients, students, and other stakeholders working with the Brahea Centre are welcome to contribute to the blog.

Editorial staff

Anita Hartikainen
Ilkka Vuolaslempi
Johanna Aaltonen
Ellinoora Havaste
Maria Patjas
Tapio Karvonen
Anne Suominen

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