Vellamo 2021 Oil Spill Response Webinar on 6 May 2021, Register Now!

Photo: Kristian Eloluoto, Southwest Finland Emergency Services

Vellamo 2021 is one of the largest oil spill response (OSR) exercises the OIL SPILL Project is part of. Southwest Finland Emergency Services is the main organizer of this event that combines the activities of OIL SPILL, Host Nation Support, and SAAME, the annual OSR exercise at the Finnish Archipelago Sea.

Vellamo 2021 consists of training sessions that concern rescue activities, international collaboration, and collaboration between authorities and volunteers during a large-scale spill. These activities start at the beginning of week 18 in May as tabletop exercises, and SAAME 2021 live exercise wraps up Vellamo by the end of the week. Participation in these events is limited.

However, you are welcome to learn more and discuss the tabletop exercises, OSR in Finland, and international collaboration in OSR in the Vellamo 2021 webinar on International Collaboration, Receiving and Offering Assistance! The webinar is organized in English on Thursday, 6 May 2021, from 10 AM until 4 PM (UTC+3).

See the webinar program and register here

Watch the webinar recording here

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