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Attending EU Careers Ambassadors conference in Brussels, Belgium
I was recently fortunate enough to attend EU Careers Ambassadors conference in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the center...
The University’s International Master’s Degrees Offer Expertise for Many Different Paths
The University’s international Master’s degrees offer expertise for many different paths
The University of Turku has 30 different Master’s Degree Programmes taught in English. They cover a broad range of different...
Black Swans to the rescue for new-students at UTU - valuable tips!
Back to black
Student organisation the Black Swans help new students at the start of term. They arrange welcome events and offer tips to the newcomers.
Guests from Rīga Stradiņš University Student Union, Latvia.
Guests from Latvia
Kristaps Kovalonoks hosting guests from Rīga Stradiņš University Student Union. They traveled all the way from Latvia to come and visit the Student Union of the University of Turku.
Projet Aces-work experience andstudent life
Getting work experience: an international student’s perspective
Most students seek to get employed after graduation, but often come across employers who require students to have work experience. What then?
Long distance relationship, masters degree, UTU, University of Turku,
Is a long distance relationship for the duration of a Master’s degree programme worth it?
If your decision to come to Turku is on the line due to a relationship. Find out is a master´s degree worthy of a long distance relationship?
Campus Sport Turku, roddis, gym, fitness, student life,
Part 4: Roddis gym
Greetings, fellow fitness enthusiasts! We want to tell you about the excellent possibilities for a healthy student lifestyle you can...
Campus Sport Turku, Formis, gym, fitness, student life,
Part 3: Formis gym
Hi everyone! Kristaps and I continued our Campus Sport odyssey with a trip to Formis. It is located around 2km...
Campus Sport Turku, ASA, gym, fitness, student life,
Part 2: ASA GYM
Hi everyone! Lately, me and Jonathon have been spending a lot of our free time at CampusSport: ASA gym, located...
Kristaps at the gym, Campus Sport, gym, fitness, Turku, UTU, student life, Educarium
Part 1: Introduction and Educarium Gym
Hello all! It is my great pleasure to announce that we (me and Jonathon) have teamed up to work together...
Housing, accomodation, place to live, Turku, YO-kylä
Navigating housing on your journey to UTU!
How do I find an apartment in a foreign country where I do not speak the language? Milla Heikkinen discusses about how she found an apartment in Turku.
Flow, Campus Sport Turku,
Go with the flow
CampusSport is the sports service for students and staff at UTU. You have to be a member to participate, but...
Biomedical Sciences, University of Turku
What is Biomedical Sciences? A student’s perspective
Meghadipa Goswami explains what is biomedical sciences and why she thinks the University of Turku is the best place to study it!
kesä tulee, summer in finland
Kesä tulee! Summer is coming!
05 April 2019 by Meghadipa Goswami One sudden day, you wake up to find sunlight streaming into your room. You wonder...
Future studies, University of Turku, masters degree programme,
Why Futures Studies?
18 March 2019 by One of the main questions I have had to answer ever since I started my degree...
winter in Finland, student life, snow,
Lines written in Winter
How do you think you would manage in the Finnish winter? Could you imagine yourself ice-skating in between classes? Read more about winter in Finland as an international student.
Kristaps as a guest speaker on a scientific conference, University of Turku, student ambassador,
Attending my very first scientific conference as a guest speaker
Representing the University of Turku (UTU) as a Student Ambassador at the Baltic Science Network Final Conference.
Uploaded ToI chose Finland, but Turku chose me: the story of how I came to UTU
I chose Finland, but Turku chose me: the story of how I came to UTU
Why choose UTU as your study place? When asked why I came to Turku, the first thing that pops into...
Megha-Goswami, UTU ambassador, student ambassador, University of Turku
SMALL DECISIONS, BIG IMPACT: How I ended up in Finland..
Do you ever realize how that one decision changed everything? It changed where you are, it changed some of the...
Jonathon Murphy, UTU ambassador, student ambassador, University of Turku,
Join me on a journey into the future…
Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog post! My name is Jonathon and I'm a first year student on the Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies. I'm really excited to join the ambassador programme and tell you a little bit about my experiences at UTU!
Kristaps Kovalonoks, UTU ambassador, student ambassador, University of Turku,
Studying Finnish from an international student’s perspective
My name is Kristaps Kovaļonoks and I come from Riga, Latvia. I am currently a first-year student of the International...