The first few days in Turku – getting about and getting things done (map included!) 

The first few days in Turku can be overwhelming, least not due to the lack of sleep you might have experienced in the process of getting here. Getting your apartment furnished, buying groceries (and not paying a fortune to do so), getting around, and knowing where to get medical care are the first few steps to getting settled in. Here, I have tried to provide you with a handle on the first few days in Turku, with a map to make things just a little bit easier!

Navigating Turku Using Föli Buses – Beginner’s Guide for Students

Turku is a city pregnant with adventures to explore, the city is filled with museums, Turku archipelago trails, cinemas, stores, game arcades, etc. and one of the cost-efficient ways to explore any destination in Turku is via the use of Föli services. This blog post shares the basics for using the Föli buses!

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