Navigating Turku Using Föli Buses – Beginner’s Guide for Students

A means of transportation from one destination to another is an essential part of living in any part of the world. Navigating the city is made easy by using Föli bus services in Turku. 

If you are a new student or still preparing to become a student here in Turku, then let me let you in on a little secret; Turku is a city pregnant with adventures to explore, the city is filled with museums, Turku archipelago trails, cinemas, stores, game arcades, etc. and one of the cost-efficient ways to explore any destination in Turku is via the use of Föli services. 

Föli offers three different means of transportation, which are through the use of buses, bicycles which are usually available during the summer and autumn seasons, and ships. This blog post, however, focuses on the Föli buses. 

Finding Your Route 

Föli bus route example

In Turku, Föli buses have different bus numbers, which are used to identify different routes; for example, buses 51, 53, and 54 are the buses that go through the Student Village to the University of Turku and the city center. 

Föli has an app that you can download on your phone to check the timetable and routes of the buses, and it also has a map which I will advise you to use together with Google maps if you are not familiar with your environment. And if you don’t have the app downloaded, you can still get the information here.  

Getting a Föli Bus Card

Föli Bus cards

If you are new and have not had the chance to visit the Föli office located at the city center to get your Föli bus card, then you can still pay for the ride with the inbuilt payment platform on the Föli app so you can still move around pending when you get your bus card.  

You can pay for your bus rides with mobile tickets from the Föli app, bank cards, or cash; if you do not have a bus card, you can get information about the prices of each ticket. It is, however, beneficial to you as a student to get your bus card because you are entitled to discounted prices on your bus card, so instead of paying 55 Euros for a season ticket valid for 30 days, you get to pay 38 Euros. Also, the bus cards are both pretty and functional; there are pretty bus card covers in different colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, and white for you to pick from; my personal favorite is the blue colored card cover. The bus card covers are also reflectors, so that even during the dark days when you wave down a bus, the bus driver will see you.  

Boarding a Föli Bus 

The Föli buses have a distinct yellow color, so it’s hard to miss them. I like to think they have various facial expressions when you look at them. My first experience with getting on a Föli bus was quite remarkable. I simply waited at the bus stop expecting the bus to wait. However, I was quickly schooled because I ended up having to wait for the next bus. So, ensure you are at the right bus stop and wave down the bus to get it to stop for you before you board the bus. 

After waving down a bus, you make payment for the ride. You make the payment with the card reader immediately after you enter the bus. Then you can enjoy the ride! The various stops made by the bus are usually on a screen in the bus. That makes it easy to monitor your ride to know the right stop for you to alight from the bus. You can do this also by using Google maps. Remember to press the stop button when your bus stop is near. That’s how you will ensure so you do not go further than your desired destination.  

Accessing Föli Bus Schedules 

Föli creates a stressless system for its users. For example, if you do not have access to your phone, then you can simply go to a bus stop around the city. The schedules are available of the buses passing through that route from there. This works well if you are familiar with the bus numbers you are moving with. 

An important piece of information to note is that the buses move in a bidirectional way. Make sure to enter the right bus going in the right direction! If not, you will be going on a sightseeing journey rather than your destination. 

More information?

I hope this blog post has been informative to you on how to get around in Turku using Föli buses. In the case of needing more information, check out the Föli website. You can also always reach out to UTU Ambassadors

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