Tour with Tolga: video series for new international students in Turku

As a new international student planning to start your studies in Turku, Finland, you have a lot of things to think about. Watch the video series for new international students, and you will learn more about studying at the University of Turku!

In the three-video long series, Tolga Karayel, one of our UTUambassadors and a first-year Futures Studies Master’s degree student, tells you more about course planning and the Peppi Study System, student accommodation, and food and student restaurants in Turku, Finland!

  • How can I register to courses and lectures?
  • What is this mysterious Peppi?
  • How is life living in the TYS Student Village?
  • Where can I wash my laundry, and are there saunas also in the student apartments?
  • Will I find anything to eat, and how much does the food cost in student restaurants and grocery stores?
  • What does it mean that you recycle your bottles?

Tour with Tolga, episode I: Course Plan and Peppi Study Guide at the University of Turku

The video series starts with a quick guide to course planning at the University of Turku. By using Master’s programme in Futures Studies as an example, Tolga shows where you can find the programme structure and available courses. He also shows you the Peppi Study Guide and how you can use it to plan your studies.

Tour with Tolga, episode II: Student housing in Turku, Finland (TYS)

In the second episode, Tolga gives your a tour around the TYS Student Village: the common laundry room, sauna, local grocery market, and also his own apartment. He also explains what it means that the student apartments are not furnished.

Tour with Tolga III: Student restaurants and grocery stores in Turku, Finland

In the last episode, Tolga gives you a tour in one of the Unica student restaurants where you can have lunch for a student price, 2,70 €, by showing your student card. He also shows you some local Asian markets and his personal grocery shopping place, Lidl.

Haven’t applied yet?

The University of Turku offers especially Master’s programmes in English. The application period for most of the programmes is always in January, and studies start in the following August with the Orientation week.

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