10 May 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks and Jonathon Murphy

Hi everyone!

Lately, me and Jonathon have been spending a lot of our free time at ASA gym, located inside Åbo Akademi and just a few minutes away from Educarium gym. Åbo Akademi is another university found on the same campus; and using the Campus Sport facilities there is just as convenient. As this gym is found right on the main campus, it is very popular with students from both universities.

ASA gym is usually open from 7 – 23 throughout the whole week, so you can work out any time you like. It is also notable that the gym is clean and well-maintained, and there are a few small-sized lockers to leave your most precious belongings (plus, you don’t have to worry about bringing your own key this time!). There is one dressing room for men and one for women. However, the dressing rooms are quite small, and they often get crowded. On the other hand, there are a few spacious showers and the cafeteria is close by as well.

Compared to Educarium, ASA gym is bigger and offers a much larger range of equipment. Due to this, you can train all the muscle groups while enjoying the free space around you. With some all-in-one machines you can perform different exercises on the same machine. Equipment found at ASA gym includes the following: dumbbells, kettlebells, adjustable bars and benches, treadmills, bench press, seated chest press, rotary torso, the power rack, leg press machine, resistance bands, some boxing equipment and much more!

Jonathon enjoyed visiting this gym because it provided more opportunities for cardio (although I still forced him to use the weights) in addition to playing a lot of inspirational 80s music on the stereo. We also saw another student get hit in the eye by a rogue resistance band – so remember to be careful when using the equipment!

Feel free to also take a look at a video prepared by Campus Sport. Despite the video being in Finnish, you get a good understanding of what to expect when going to ASA gym.

Now it is time for us to go and explore the next gym. Till next time!