23 May 2019 by Kristaps Kovalonoks and Jonathon Murphy

Hi everyone!

Kristaps and I continued our Campus Sport odyssey with a trip to Formis, which is located around 2km away from the student village, near the train station. It is a little bit awkward to reach from campus via public transport, but for those students living in private city accommodation (like me!) it’s very central and convenient.

Upon stepping inside we were quite confused as the front door leads straight into the gym itself; to get to the changing rooms you need to walk past the equipment and through the back. We may have disturbed a few gym users with our initial wandering, but soon enough we were ready for some serious training.

Whilst not as big as Asa, Formis was more spacious than I expected and contained all the usual exercise machines – although they were slightly older than the models we had become accustomed to. However, the room was a pleasant workout space, with brightly coloured walls and the usual giant mirror in front of the weightlifting area where you can admire yourself. The battle ropes were also a fun addition, though I think I only managed about 30 seconds before my arms stopped working.

It was definitely the quietest of the gyms we have visited so far, partly due to being off-campus and partly because we went on a weekend at the end of the semester. Either way, I was happy that there was no waiting to use the equipment (and that there were not many people to witness my ongoing struggle with the bench press…). On the downside, Formis suffers the same problem of lack of airflow as the other gyms – I was overheating after 10 minutes on the exercise bike. Some air conditioning or a window would make a big difference.

As someone who lives quite close to Formis, and isn’t too interested in using the newest equipment, I think I’ll be coming back. However, if you live in the student village, there’s not a huge amount here that you couldn’t get in Asa or Educarium.

See you at the next gym!