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3rd July 2017 European Review of Regional Logistics 3-2017HR: High-ranking visits to ChemSAR project
European Review of Regional Logistics 3-2017HR:

Smart Regions conference (in Finnish):

7th June 2017 Interreg BSR Programme news

1st June 2017 EUSBSR news

29th May 2017 European Coast Guard Functions Training Network:

29th May 2017 Report on the workshop Preparedness at sea: developing and sharing practices held in EMD17 (in Finnish) (in English)

24th May 2017 The Development Network UK:

6th March 2017 Council of Turku:

8th Feb 2017 Centrum Balticum’s blog (In Finnish)

17th May 2016 Aamuset (in Finnsih)