October 2019

3 October 2019
Call the Agent October Summit, Helsinki, Finland
ResQU2 presented by Professor Lauri Ojala: How to prepare for emergencies at sea and in ports; the event is in Finnish

June 2019

5 June
Maritime Safety Seminar, Helsinki, Finland

April 2019

29 April
ChemSAR WP3 Scenario Workshop for Maritime Students, Turku, Finland

9 April
ResQU2 workshop in the Interreg Programme Conference 9 – 10 April 2019, Lübeck, Germany
ChemSAR achievements are presented in the session alongside other ResQU2 projects.

4-5 April
Arctic Coast Guard Seminar, Turku, Finland
Includes a presentation “ChemSAR project – Operational Plans and Procedures for Maritime SAR in HNS Incidents”

3 April
ChemSAR Management Team meeting, Turku, Finland

March 2019

28 March
ChemSAR LIVEX National Summit, Tallinn, Estonia

February 2019

12 February
ChemSAR Tabletop exercise, Turku, Finland

6 February
ChemSAR Final Conference, Helsinki, Finland

5 February
Partner meeting & Steering Group meeting, Helsinki, Finland

January 2019

22 January
ChemSAR Management Team Meeting, Turku, Finland


November 2018

20—21 November
Partner Meeting, Karlskrona, Sweden

7 November
ChemSAR WP4 workshop, Klaipeda, Lithuania

6—7 November
PA SAFE 19th Steering Committee meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

6 November
ChemSAR WP2 workshop, Tallinn, Estonia

October 2018

30—31 October
ResQU2 Project Platform’s Kick-off meeting, Turku, Finland

September 2018

14 September
ChemSAR Steering Group meeting, Tallinn, Estonia

13 September
Live Exercise, Tallinn, Estonia

6 September
SOP Training Day for Livex units, Helsinki, Finland

August 2018

30 August—1 September
Eurooppafoorumi, Turku, Finland

June 2018

19 June
Joint WP2 and WP3 Workshop, Turku, Finland

6 June
18th meeting of the international Steering Committee for the Policy Area on Maritime Safety and Security Flagships and Seed Money Projects, Tallinn, Estonia

6 June
Maritime Safety Seminar (in Finnish), Helsinki, Finland

5 June
Four EUSBSR Flagship projects present: “Exercises as tools for building a resilient BSR port-2020 – from the roundtable to the field” panel discussion and live demonstration at the 9th Annual Forum of EUSBSR

4-5 June
EUSBSR Annual Forum, Tallinn, Estonia

May 2018

23 – 25 May
International Transport Forum Summit 2018, Leipzig, Germany

24 May
Sjöfartens dag – Ålands Maritime Day, Mariehamn, Finland

22 – 24 May
Maritime Search and Rescue Conference, Helsinki, Finland

16 – 17 May
Navigate Fair, Turku, Finland
Nordic Maritime Expo

15 – 16 May
Partner Meeting, Hamburg, Germany

9 May
ChemSAR Management Team meeting, Helsinki, Finland

April 2018

26 – 27 April
SAR ’18 – Chance Favours the Prepared, Tallinn, Estonia

18 April
ChemSAR Game development workshop, Turku, Finland

10 – 12 April
HELCOM Response Group meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania
ChemSAR Presentation

4 – 5 April
The Baltic Sea Region – an interconnected system -workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark
PA Safe and PA Ship – planning for policy impact

March 2018

13 – 15 March
Interspill 2018, London, UK
Oil spill conference and exhibition

6 – 8 March
MOSPA 2018 – Oil Spills in Arctic Areas Seminar, Oulu, Finland
Oil Spill Exercise in Ice Conditions and Arctic Oil Spill Conference

February 2018

7 February
Partner Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

6 February
ChemSAR Steering Group meeting, Helsinki, Finland

6 February
ChemSAR Midterm Conference, Helsinki, Finland


November 2017

23 – 24 November
Annual SAR Stakeholders’ Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

9 November
17th meeting of the international Steering Committee for the Policy Area on Maritime Safety and Security of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Gdynia, Poland

8 November
Connecting Maritime Business to the EUSBSR, seminar organised by PA SAFE, Gdynia, Poland

October 2017

31 October – 2 November
ChemSAR Simulator exercise, Tallinn, Estonia

September 2017

27 – 28 September
Interreg BSR Monitoring Committee Meeting, Turku, Finland

18 – 20 September
WP2 meeting, Partner Meeting & Steering Group Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

August 2017

31 August
ChemSAR & HAZARD joint workshop with EMSA experts, Lisbon, Portugal

24 August
Management Team Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

June 2017

6 – 8 June
ChemSAR Tabletop exercise (WP5), Tallink City Hotel & Estonian Maritime Academy of TUT, Tallinn, Estonia

6 June
Meriturvallisuuseminaari (Maritime Safety Seminar), Helsinki, Finland

1 June
Åland Maritime Day, Mariehamn, Finland

May 2017

31 May
EUSBSR Policy Area SAFE International Steering Committee meeting, Brussels, Belgium

30 May
The Future of Maritime Safety & Security and Clean Shipping in the Baltic Sea Region, Brussels, Belgium
A joint seminar of EUSBSR PA SAFE and PA SHIP

23 – 24 May
Maritime Search and Rescue 2017, Helsinki, Finland

18 – 19 May
European Maritime Day, Poole, UK
ChemSAR is hosting a workshop in EMD together with other Flagship projects

11 – 12 May
A Joint Workshop on Preparedness for HNS incidents, Hamburg, Germany
Organisers: EUSBSR Flagship projects HAZARD, DiveSMART Baltic, and ChemSAR

April 2017

26 April
Current Policy Issues in Maritime and Port Safety and Security
Informative seminar/discussion event, Brussels, In co-operation with HAZARD and DiveSMART Baltic projects

4 – 5 April
ChemSAR partner meeting, Tallinn, Estonia

March 2017

29 March
Management Team meeting, Helsinki, Finland

January 2017

24 – 26 January
Partner Meeting & Steering Group Meeting, Malmö, Sweden


December 2016

7 – 8 December
PA Safe Steering Committee meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

November 2016

25 November
PA Safe Seminar: Results from the Maritime Safety Related Research
Vantaa, Finland
Programme: pa-safe-seminar-25112016

23 November
MIRG-EX Conference, Bruges, Belgium

22 November
WP2 Partner Meeting, Bruges, Belgium

17 November
National SAR stakeholder meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

8 – 9 November
EUSBSR Strategy Forum, Stockholm, Sweden

1 – 2 November
ChemSAR Partner meeting, Helsinki, Finland

September 2016

20 September
ChemSAR Management Team meeting, Helsinki, Finland

June 2016

21 – 22 June
Maritime Search and Rescue Conference, Helsinki, Finland

May 2016

20 May
Baltic Sea Region Forum, Turku Finland

18 -19 May, Turku, Finland
ChemSAR at the European Maritime Day

17 – 18 May
PA SAFE Steering Committee meeting, Turku, Finland

March 2016

22 March
Steering Group Meeting, Turku, Finland

22 – 23 March
Kick-off Meeting, Turku, Finland

1 March
ChemSAR Management Team Meeting, Helsinki, Finland