Work Packages

WP1: Project management and administration

WP1 handles with the project coordination, communication and other administrative tasks

WP1 leader is the University of Turku

WP2: Operational plans and standard operational procedures for SAR operations

The main activity of the WP2 is the creation of SOPs and ”a manual” for the BSR -> how to operate safely in maritime HNS incidents.

WP2 leader is the Finnish Border Guard

WP3: E‐learning material for SAR operations in HNS incidents

WP3 will develop an e-learning environment together with learning materials on maritime search and rescue operations in HNS incidents.

WP3 leader is the University of Turku

WP4: Chemical data bank for joint use for maritime and environmental authorities and shipping companies

WP 4 will create a combined database for maritime HNS incidents.

WP leader is the Finnish Border Guard

WP5: Pilot activities: tabletop and rescue exercises

The created plans and SOPs will be tested in tabletop exercises with simulators and a rescue exercise at sea to test the applicability of plans and SOPs.

WP leader is the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board