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Keynote Speakers – Pori Jazz for Professionals Seminar 2012

International Event Management Summer Seminar
17th-19th July 2012 in Pori, Finland

Bill Platt (the USA)
Founder & President, Platt Design Group

Bill Platt is a two-time Emmy award winner, sound designer, producer and the founder of Platt Design Group (PDG). He has more than 40 years of experience with new technologies and creative development as a designer which gives him a special insight as an industry leader. As a designer, he has conceived, designed, and implemented over 1000 facilities and shows since he began his career in 1967.

Before starting PDG, Bill worked 14 years with the Walt Disney Company as Director of Sound Design for all entertainment venues in Disney’s theme parks worldwide and he later became the Director of Entertainment for project development and planning of new theme parks and entertainment attractions. In the latter position, Bill was involved with concept development in all of the Disney theme parks.  He has also assisted in producing the Pori Jazz Festival, the second largest jazz festival in the world, for over 24 years.

Allan Xenius Grige (Denmark)
External Lecturer, Copenhagen Business School
Associate Director, FEI Consultants (UK)
Chairman, IFEA Europe (IRE)
Owner, Copenhagen Arts & Culture Consult (DK)

Allan Xenius Grige has almost 30 years’ experience of leadership roles in the cultural sector, serving as a marketer, tour manager, venue director, event organizer, lecturer, consultant, and as a board member in a number of professional associations for tourism management and performing arts.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, he is currently a lecturer in tourism and hospitality, event management, HR/organization, and other course topics at Copenhagen Business School’s Center for Tourism & Culture Management. In recent years, he has also worked as a visiting lecturer in Germany, Ireland, Korea, and the USA. In addition, Allan is Chairman of the International Festival and Events Association Europe and Associate Director of FEI Consulting (UK). Allan is the owner of the Copenhagen Arts & Culture Consult.

Marjana Johansson (the UK)
Lecturer, Essex Business School, University of Essex

Marjana Johansson, PhD, is lecturer in Management at Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK.  Her doctoral thesis was carried out in Stockholm School of Economics and focused on the organizing of festivals from an actor-network perspective. Her research interests include work and consumption in the experience economy, with a particular interest in festivals and the ‘festivalisation’ of cities. Her current research includes the role of cultural branding for festivals, linked to a study conducted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2010 she carried out a research project for the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, on the role and value of festivals.

Jyrki Kangas
Senior Advisor, Pori Jazz

Jyrki Kangas is one of the founding fathers of the Pori Jazz Festival. In the course of its long history, Jyrki has acted as the director of the festival, chairman, and for the longest period as artistic director. Currently he works as a senior advisor of the festival. Jyrki is a musician, consultant, trainer, visionary, supporting mentor, pioneer of international festival production. Locally he is a very influential person. He is the ‘godfather’ of our seminar and a strong supporter of event management education at the University Consortium of Pori.

You can find more information and the whole seminar program here.

A photograph of Marjana Johansson by Steve McDonough


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