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A Colombian in Finnish Wonderland –The story of how Laura became a tutor for international students–

4 February 2020, by Mária Kubincová

Laura Moreno from Colombia first wanted to pursue a PhD, but later decided to apply for several Master’s Degree programmes instead. She came to Finland in 2018 after she got accepted into the then entirely new programme called Master’s Degree Programme Human Neuroscience, which is an intersection between psychology, medicine, biology and even pharmacology. In her second year of studies Laura decided to become a tutor and help the next generation of students acclimate to the new environment. Find out what was the reason behind her decision and why is the role of a tutor so important.

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Student mental health and well-being

23 November 2019 by Megha Goswami
This blog post focuses on mental health and well-being for international students but isn’t exclusive to international students in any way. I’m not from a medical background, this is just my perspective on mental well-being from what I’ve observed, learned and felt is share worthy if anyone has felt a fraction of the emotions I’ve gone through.

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