TSElosophers blog posts strive to reflect what has been discussed in TSElosophers meeting in a concise (about 1 page) and timely manner (publication about a week after the meeting).

Recommendations for writing a TSElosophers blog post

  • Suggest an interesting name for the blog post.
  • Concentrate on the main discussion topics. It is better to say something meaningful on few topics than provide a list of all topics.
  • For example, blog post can be built on four paragraphs
    • Summary of the article
    • Our discussion, content chapter 1
    • Our discussion, content chapter 2
    • Summary of our discussion
  • Content chapters may look into e.g. two central discussion topics or one positive and one critical line of argumentation towards the article.

The bullet points give advice how to structure the writing process. Other approaches for writing good quality blog posts are also possible.