Preparedness for HNS incidents under discussion in Hamburg

Three flagship projects – ChemSAR, HAZARD and Dive SMART Baltic – joined forces again, this time to jointly discuss how the preparedness for HNS incidents could be improved in the Baltic Sea area. Dr. Regina Dube from the hosting organization, Ministry of Environment and Energy in Hamburg, opened the workshop. It is taking place on 11 – 12 May in Hamburg.

On the second day, ChemSAR will host a joint workshop on “HNS related incident at sea – first response and communication”. This event will concentrate on a ChemSAR project related topic, i.e., on the creation of standard operational procedures for SAR operations in HNS incidents in the Baltic Sea area. The aim of this individual workshop is to induce wider discussion and gain expert views for the development work also from professionals not directly involved in our project.

Photos: Päivi Söderholm

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