ChemSAR project’s afternoon as an Interreg ambassador

Vice-President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen and Commissioner of Regional Policies Corina Creţu visited ChemSAR project on 1st June 2017 in Helsinki. The visit was hosted by the Finnish Border Guard and it took place on board the Finnish Border Guard Offshore Patrol Vessel Uisko.

Katainen and Creţu arriving on board Offshore Patrol Vessel Uisko. Photo: Kirsi Laitio
Creţu and ship Master Ilkka Sahla. Photo: Kirsi Laitio

During the visit OPV Uisko made a short trip outside Helsinki showing the commissioners, their delegate and the international press the beautiful archipelago outside of Helsinki.

Helsinki from the sea. Photo: Kirsi Laitio
Beacon at Suomenlinna. Photo: Kirsi Laitio


View from the bridge. Photo: Kirsi Laitio

The aim of the visit was to inform the commission representatives about the targets and benefits of the ChemSAR project, and how it will improve the international rescue operations at sea. The visit also entailed demonstration of the operations on board OPV Uisko.

Commissioner Creţu stressed the value of the project for sea safety and protection of the environment. The whole delegate was pleased to see how the strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is implemented in practice.

– We are so pleased to see that the European Commission is interested in ChemSAR. It tells us that what we do in the project is useful and important, says Project Coordinator Kirsi Laitio from the Centre for Maritime Studies.

Creţu, Häkkinen, Katainen, Sahla and Laitio happy on board OPV Uisko. Photo: Teemu Niemelä
Creţu and Katainen in the middle of chemical divers. Photo: Kirsi Laitio


Creţu interviewed by the team of international journalists. Photo: Kirsi Laitio


Action on the bridge. Photo: Kirsi Laitio

Text: Kirsi Laitio & Mariikka Whiteman

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