The first ChemSAR Splash! is out

The ChemSAR project has now reached its halfway. The journey so far has taken hard work from our nine partner organisations in fi ve countries. During this time, ChemSAR has achieved its fi rst outcomes.

The partners have jointly created a draft for the standard operational procedures to be used in HNS incidents at sea. These have already been tested in tabletop exercises and lessons learnt have been taken into account in the development work.

The partners have also outlined the intended e-learning platform, contents of which will be formulated as other work packages progress. The partners have collected background information for the development of the chemical databank and diff erent alternatives for the contents have been weighed up. The databank features were also tested in the tabletop exercises.

The tabletop exercises themselves involved not only project partners but also experts from other stake-holder organisations, such as Tallink, Estonian Maritime Academy, SYKE and EMSA.

ChemSAR has gained exceptionally lot of publicity all over the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. We have organised a joint discussion event in Brussels for decision makers, hosted a visit of Commissioners in Helsinki and a workshop in the European Maritime Day in Poole, UK (with three other projects).

The next steps ChemSAR is taking are a joint workshop with EMSA chemical experts and HAZARD project taking place in August in Lisbon, 5th partner meeting in September in Klaipeda, and the planning and execution of a simulator exercise in October in Tallinn to test the further developed SOPs.

The first ChemSAR Splash! is now at your disposal.

Please enjoy our highlights.

Kirsi Laitio

Download the Splash!

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