Workshop with the European Maritime Safety Agency

ChemSAR and HAZARD projects organised a workshop with EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) experts. The workshop handled, e.g., regulatory framework, EMSA’s information services on HNS, and lessons learned from SOP’s. The project partners visited EMSA in Lisbon on 31st August 2017

The joint EMSA Workshop was found mutually useful. ChemSAR project received vast amount of useful information, for example, on different kinds of information available at EMSA in relation to HNS incidents. EMSA representatives saw advantages in the cooperation with projects as it is the projects, which create new information and organize exercises where EMSA information and databases can be used. This enhances the exchange of experiences and information perhaps not otherwise possible.

We thank EMSA for hosting the workshop!

Arriving to EMSA. Jarmo Malmsten, Lauri Ojala, Sari Nyroos, Kirsi Laitio, Marius Indorf and Sakari Kajander – photo Päivi Söderholm
The Project Managers organising some papers in a nice open air office ! Kirsi Laitio and Jarmo Malmsten – photo Päivi Söderholm
Markku Mylly, Executive Director of EMSA, opening the workshop. Photo Päivi Söderholm
Kirsi Laitio presenting the ChemSAR project – photo Päivi Söderholm
Prof. Lauri Ojala presenting the HAZARD project – photo Päivi Söderholm
EMSA Experts Ms. Ana Sofia Catarino and Mr. Walter Nordhausen – photo Päivi Söderholm
Merle Soha and lessons learned – photo Päivi Söderholm
A view from the EMSA premises – photo Päivi Söderholm
Listening carefully to EMSA’s surveillance possibilities – photo Kirsi Laitio
We will miss the sunny Lisbon! Photo Päivi Söderholm

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