SOPs were tested in simulator exercises in Tallinn

A draft of the Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) has been prepared and the partners and a lot of other Estonian authorities gathered in Tallinn to test how the SOPs work. The SOPs were tested in simulator exercises that were held at the Estonian Maritime Academy in Tallinn. The main aim of the exercises was to evaluate the outcome of SOPs but also, for example, the co-operation between rescue centres in a multi-type accident where surface units and air assets are needed.

JRCC Tallinn was coordinating the rescue operation.
Luckily OPV Turva was nearby and they headed for the distressed vessel.
Estonian Border Guard’s pollution control vessel Kindral Kurvits also came to help in the rescue operation.
Patrol vessel Pikker was also nearby..
Like the Swedish Coast Guard’s patrol vessel Amfitrite.
After each simulator exercise there was a short debrief on how the exercise went.

“Remember the procedures, that’s what we are testing” reminded the moderators Ossi Westilä and Bo Lindroos.
Approaching the distressed vessel.
Altogether three exercises were held.
Notes of the radio conversation and the situation.
Interreg visibility rules were strictly followed.
Healthy smoothies kept us going, although some were not so sure if it was edible.
Danel Tüür was interviewed by the Tallinn TV. The link to the news is here, our spot begins at 21:00 minutes.
Also Seppo Häkkinen gave a statement.
More debriefing and evaluating.
How did it go?
Everybody filled in an evaluation form of the exercises and Johanna Salokannel summed up the feedback.
In the end the boss man Danel was happy!


The exercise gave valuable feedback about the use of the SOPs and checklists that are used in a rescue situation. The next step is to do some fine-tuning on them.

The project is arranging a mid-term seminar where also the stakeholders have a possibility to tell their wishes and proposals for the improvement of the SOPs. The seminar will be arranged 6-7 February 2018, stay tuned!

Photos: Päivi Söderholm

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