EnviSuM Final Report “Clean Shipping: Exploring the impact of emission regulation”

In this report, we have compiled EnviSuM results in five chapters. In the first chapter, we look at different emission abatement strategies including measurement results from different types of vessels. This section also presents results on the effects of switching fuels, the modelling used to measure ship emissions and compliance monitoring.
In Chapter 2, we explore air quality based on emission results. Local air quality was modelled forthree urban areas – Gothenburg, Gdansk/Gdynia and St. Petersburg.The effects of shipping emissions on public health and environment are assessed in Chapter 3.
In Chapter 4 we discuss the economic consequences of SECA. This includes costs as well as
positive effects of SECA, such as inducement to innovate and the enhanced reputation of the
Baltic Sea Region. We conclude in Chapter 5 by looking to the future environmental shipping regulations.

Click on the image below to access the report.

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