Professor Peter Aronsson

Culture Studies, University of Linköping, Sweden
currently coordinates Nordic Culture – National History: a joint project investigating trans-national identity. He is also leading a large comparative project investigating identity politics of European national museums and participate in a more theoretical project on how history is understood and represented in several disciplines and knowledge institutions.

Associate professor Tiiu Jaago

Folklore Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia
has investigated the ethnic minorities in North Eastern Estonia, family narratives and oral history in private archives, the concept of folklore (rahvaluule) and its changes in Estonian folkloristic discourse.

Director Angelica Menne-Haritz

Vice President of the German Federal Archives, Director of Stiftung Archiv der Parteien und Massenorganisationen der DDR, Extraordinary professor of the Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften has studied, among other things, business processes from the archival point of view, archives terminology, handling of information in different contexts, the principle of provenance and appraisal. She is president of EURBICA, the European Regional Branch of International Council on Archives.

Director Patricia Whatley

University of Dundee, Scotland, the University Archivist and Head of Archive, Records Management and Museum Services.
Director of the Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS), which offers Masters degrees in Archives and Records Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Family and Local History. She is currently leading the second phase of the inter-disciplinary Royal Society of Edinburgh funded Arts and Humanities project, ‘Investigating the Archive: Memory and Identity’.