Seminaari Health, Expertise and Knowledge Production at University of Tampere

The Science and Technology research seminar Health, Expertise and Knowledge Production will be on Friday 30.11.2018 in lecture room Linna 5014 at University of Tampere. Please note that there has been a change in the schedule. We will start at 11.30 and end by 16.00. Welcome all!

11.30-12.30 Jenny-Ann Brodin Danell, Umeå University

Using bibliometric methods to map research fields – on the example of Complementary and alternative medicine

Bibliometric methods are often associated to evaluation and ranking of research, at individual, organizational and national level. In this talk I will focus on how bibliometric methods can be used to other purposes, for example to map content of research, collaborative networks, and development of research fields. I will also present some ideas on how bibliometric methods may be combined with qualitative approaches, to get a deeper understanding of research activities. The examples on this will mainly draw on my work on complementary and alternative medicine as a medical sub-field.

Jenny-Ann Brodin Danell is a sociologist and a head of the Department of sociology in Umeå University, Sweden. She is specialised in science and technology studies and her research focuses on health, complementary and alternative medicine and New Age phenomena.

12.30- 12.45 Break


Mikael Lindfelt, Åbo Akademi & Anna Soveri, University of Turku

Vaccine attitudes in Finnish health care workers

Mikko Virtanen, University of Tampere

Vaccine rationalities – The Case of HPV in Finland

Pia Vuolanto, Hanna Westerberg, Jutta Pulkki & Katri-Maria Järvinen, University of Tampere & Johanna Nurmi, University of Turku

The challenges of complementary and alternative medicine and vaccine hesitancy for healthcare professionals

15.45-16 Discussion

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