The INNOKOMP project

Innovation competences: co-creation, digital modelling and multimateriality as factors renewing craft, design and technology


The Craft, Design and Technology (CDT) teacher education programme in the University of Turku, Rauma campus coordinated the INNOKOMP– innovation competencies -project in close co-operation with the teacher education programmes of the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland and the Åbo Akademi University. Project took place in 2017–2020.

The project promotes the design and technology thinking of multi-material CDT. The project also develops a continuing education model for the teachers’ vocational skills, in which teacher educators, teacher education students and primary and secondary teachers develop multi-material CDT teaching using the co-teaching skills.

The INNOKOMP-project relies on piloting new pedagogical models in the partner schools of the universities. The pupils and the teachers as well as the teacher educators will create the models to improve the design and technology competencies of the pupils so that the teaching of CDT is multi-material and offers equal opportunities. The new models will be tested in schools during two pilot rounds that have started in the spring of 2018.