Article: Ecological handprint in craft

Niina Väänänen & Sinikka Pöllänen


Immaterial craft, sustainable development, craft product, craft skill, ecological handprint


The concept of sustainable craft is crafts’ response to sustainability. This theoretical article views the craft’s potential to be an ecological handprint. We first view discussion through literature, followed by opening the concept of sustainable craft and viewpoint to sustainable craft education. The theoretical model concretizes the systemic nature of sustainable craft as practice, product, and immaterial craft. Sustainable craft as practice is described as deepening craft knowledge and as a skill shaping the values and attitudes of craft. Sustainable craft products consider the materials, life cycle, technique, design, quality, aesthetics, need, and product relationship. Immaterial craft combines sustainability to the environment, cultural, social, economic, psychologic, societal, philosophical, and communicational aspects. These elements work together shaping the environment, concrete product, and actions towards sustainability with an ecological handprint that could be utilized in craft education.


Väänänen, N., & Pöllänen, S. . (2021). Kestävä kädenjälki käsityössä. Ainedidaktiikka5(2), 88–102.

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