Article: Multi-materiality in Basic education Craft education

Sinikka Pöllänen, Marja-Leena Rönkkö, Anssi Salonen, Tellervo Härkki & Eila Lindfors


Multi-material, holistic craft process, craft education, basic education


Craft education is a multi-material-based school subject in basic education, the contents, and activities of which are supported by the working methods of both technical work and textiles. According to the National Core Curriculum, the role of craft teaching is to guide students in mastering the entire holistic craft process. However, the concept of multi-material-based holistic craft has been found to be unclear and difficult to implement. Furthermore, the different learning environments for teaching technical work and textiles have caused problems. Craft has generally been taught by two different teachers, who have studied either technical work or textiles. The aim of this literature review is to describe different pedagogical solutions that can be utilized in the implementation of multi-material handicraft. To illustrate these examples, changes in the teaching of craft subject are also described and the concept of multi-materiality and the related boundary conditions are opened. The description of each pedagogical orientation illustrates how multi-materiality is seen as a learning content and how it is conveyed to pupils when working alone or together.


Pöllänen, S., Rönkkö, M.-L., Salonen, A., Härkki, T., & Lindfors, E. (2021). Monimateriaalisuus perusopetuksen käsityössä. Ainedidaktiikka5(2), 3–24.

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