Article: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technological transformation – Towards data agency and design skills for the future

Henriikka Vartiainen, Matti Tedre, Ilkka Jormanainen, Juho Kahila, Teemu Valtonen & Tapani Toivonen


artificial intelligence, machine learning, data-driven design, technology education, skills for the future


Artificial intelligence, and especially new machine learning technologies, are key drivers of technological breakthroughs. Today, machine learning is also increasingly merging into the physical and material world as well as into social interaction. Buildings, artifacts, and textiles are transforming into networks of smart objects and activities through sensors, network connectivity, and computer software.  These novel encounters of virtual, material, and bodily interactions also offer unprecedented opportunities and challenges to enhance understandings of machine learning and data-driven design in school education. This article aims to build perspectives on data agency and data-driven design needed in the age of machine learning. It also provides perspectives on the blurring boundaries of virtual, material, and physical worlds and in a manner that brings the breakthrough of machine learning into the scientific and public discussion about the future of craft and technology education.


Vartiainen, H., Tedre, M., Jormanainen, I., Kahila, J. ., Valtonen, T., & Toivonen, T. (2021). Tekoäly, koneoppiminen ja teknologinen murros:: Kohti datatoimijuutta ja tulevaisuuden design-taitoja. Ainedidaktiikka5(2), 103–120.

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