Surviving the neoliberal university: Students’ and early career researchers’ support event

Welcome to join us for a student-researcher panel followed by a guided reflection to discuss the ways neoliberalism has altered the University as well as the ways we relate to one another. In an environment marked by heightened competition, hyper-individualism, job precarity, and the relentless pressure to innovate, how do we cope and organize? The event is open for all, including students, staff and everyone else! No pre-registration required, just drop by! The event will be in English.

Panelists: Mikko Poutanen, Tampere University, Jenni Tikkanen, University of Turku, and Anuhya Bobba, University of Turku

Time: Monday 10.10.2022, 15H-17H

Place: University of Turku (Caloniankuja 3), Calonia 2 (2nd floor)