Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Causality, Scenarios, History, and Future

This post is a brief abstract for a talk I will give. Further discussion about the topics can be found in (at least) the following posts: Rational Reconstructions from History to Future Future of Science. How to Build and Assess Scenarios? Theoretical Structures in the Estimating the Futures of Science [ABOUT VALUE-LADENNESS] History and Causality. […]

Causal Presentism. An Ontological Approach in Historiography

I have defended causal presentism in the historiography of science before. (See here for a blog text; see here for 200 page defense.) Quite often I have been asked whether causal presentism is applicable to other fields of historiography, such as historiography of war or historiography of politics. This is presented as a critique towards […]

Future of Science. How to Build and Assess Scenarios?

In this post, I discuss further how we can build scenarios of the future of science by using theoretical taxonomies. I also discuss how it is possible to assess the merits of the taxonomies and scenarios. … In order to understand how and to what extent we can estimate the future of science, we need […]