Realism in Philosophy of Science vs. Realism in Philosophy of History

In this post, I discuss what is peculiar in the debate over realism in philosophy of history when compared to realism-debate in philosophy of science. I argue that the arguments for historical antirealism are of a poor quality or, at least, unclear. Scientific realism can be characterized in three theses: The Metaphysical Thesis: The world […]

Envisioning the Future of Science: A Guide for Researchers

The post is based on a lecture given to researchers in human and social sciences. Science and Its Futures In this post, I want to discuss about how we can think about potential futures for scientific research and consider our role in shaping those futures responsibly, with a focus on the human and social sciences. […]

Can Individual Sciences Map the Futures?

A quote from a review report: This is how philosophers of science understand futures research. I get the same criticism about the field as such every time I write to PoS journal. Some thoughts: Yes, surely scientists in a domain can and do study possible outcomes in that domain. However, understanding the futures of interesting […]