Fifty Shades of Red. Proportionality, Causality, and Philosophy of Life

In philosophy of causation, the notion of proportionality is important. It came to the philosophical literature from Yablo (1992) and has been extensively discussed since then. Woodward (2021, 15-16) characterizes the notion as follows: ‚ÄúProportionality concerns the extent to which there is a match between the variation in the cause and the variation in the […]

The Future Is Soon. A Manifesto for Micro-Futures

In this post, I claim that focusing on timespans shorter than the traditional ones sheds new light on the study of the future. ‚Ķ Futures research has focused on relatively long timespans, ranging normally from 5-50 years (Nordlund 2012). However, it is unclear why this is so, or has to be so. Why is five […]