CONFERENCE: ”The History of Legal Aid in the Premodern and Modern World”

18–19 March 2019, University of Turku, Finland

Faculty of Law, Calonia, room Cal2107, Caloniankuja 3, Turku



 Monday 18 March 2019

14.00             Opening of the conference

14.15             Keynote lecture: Hiroki Kawamura (University of Frankfurt): Legal advice for workers and economically disadvantaged people in the early 20th century in Germany

15.30             Coffee

15.45-16.45   Session 1

-István Szászdi (University of Valladolid): The Protectores de Indios in Spanish America during the XVIth and XVIIth centuries

-William Pomeranz (Kennan Institute, Wilson Center): The Persistent Question of Legal Aid in the Professional Development of Russian Lawyers

19.00             Dinner: Restaurant Panini


Tuesday 19 March 2019

9.45               Keynote lecture: Bruno Debaenst (University of Uppsala): From Pro Deo to Pro Pecunia. A Short History of Legal Aid in Belgium

11.00             Break

11.15-12.15   Session 2

-Anna Kuismin (University of Helsinki): Lay Scribes and Advocates in Finnish Newspapers from the 1840s to the 1920s

-Marianne Vasara-Aaltonen (University of Turku): The Beginning of Legal Aid in Finland in the Late Nineteenth Century

12.30             Lunch: Restaurant Hus Lindman

13.45             Session 3

-Mia Korpiola (University of Turku): ): Legal Advice in Newspapers in the Early 1900s: Professor K.J. Ståhlberg and Legal Aid in Print

-Willem van Boom (University of Leiden): Insuring vs investing in litigation – a comparative legal history of litigation insurance and litigation investment

14.45             Coffee

15.15             Keynote lecture: Felice Batlan (Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology): Synthesizing Legal Aid: A Transnational Perspective

16.30-16.45   Closing of the conference

19.00             Dinner: Restaurant Blanko