Article: Documentation in craft practices – tools for capturing the craft process and making learning visible

Mia Porko-Hudd & Barbro Sjöberg


multiliteracy, reflection, evaluation, portfolio, diary, blog, microblogging


The emphasis of the current curriculum is laid on multiliteracy in the basic education and appears in the subject of craft through increased focus on documentation of multimodal activities. This leads to a new way of thinking and a development of the documentation tradition that historically has existed within the subject. Through a discussion of multiliteracy, as well as documentation and reflection on a general level, the present study is guided into a descriptive discussion of documentation methods used in different levels of education and in working life, and how these can be adapted to teaching craft in basic education. The study is structured as a traditional literature review. The documentation methods that are described and defined are both analog and digital, consisting of portfolio, sketchbook, diary, blog and microblog. The descriptive discussion shows the characteristics and functions of the presented documentation methods during the different phases of the learning process.


Porko-Hudd, M., & Sjöberg, B. (2021). Dokumentation i slöjdpraktiker : Redskap för att fånga slöjdprocessen och synliggöra lärandet. Ainedidaktiikka5(2), 68–87.

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