Time Machinists

Kirsi Hänninen, Ph.D.,  is a university teacher in Records and Archives Management and an archivist at the Archives of History, Culture and Arts Studies at the University of Turku. She has a keen interest in examining how power is constructed and negotiated between communities and institutions, and she has been discussing the topic both in folklore studies and in archival theory. Especially archival activism and archiving documents of marginalized experiences fascinate her. Re-imagining time is her long time aspiration.


Ph.D. Maija Mäki is an ethnologist with museological twist. Her background is in Archaeology. Currently, she is working in Finland Futures Research Centre, the University of Turku. Passing of time and traces of time, especially material cultural heritage, is constantly fascinating subject to Mäki. Futures oriented themes are close to her interests. She often uses the methods of participatory and collaborative ethnography. While documenting the momentous environments, encounters and artifacts Mäki reaches the tones of the past and the alternatives of the future.


Artist-curator Miina Pohjolainen has an MA in Curating, Managing and Mediating Art at Aalto University. Pohjolainen approaches spaces as stages of time and is interested in the ways time, power and social conventions manifest themselves in places. Feminist thinking and dreaming guide her artistic and curatorial practices.


Jaana Saarikoski is an MA in European Ethnology and a visual artist. She has worked on the cultural heritage of Tuorla Observatory since May 2018 and is now designing a science museum there. She has done interviews, documentation and inventories on the objects, books and buildings of the observatory. In her master’s thesis, she is analysing the significance and meanings of objects in the Tuorla collection. Her main techniques in her art work are painting, sculpting, video and photography. Subtle and non-verbal experiences, such as time, beauty, humour, sensations and emotions, are the leading motives of her art.