Article: Towards new learning and working environments in Craft, Design and Technology education – Teachers’ views on planning and construction

Eila Lindfors, Juha Jaatinen, Sara Wendelius & Miika Uljas


learning and working environment, space planning and contruction, craft design and technology education, basic education


In Finland the curriculum of subject Craft, Design and Technology (CDT) education is renewed and there is a need to reconsider how to plan and construct learning and working environments in the future. This study bases on the CDT education teachers’ views (N = 11) on workspace and workshop planning and construction. The content analysis based on interview data revealed that teachers consider space planning construction as a combination of structure and placement in schools, as a combination of equipment, tools and furniture and their own possibilities to participate in the planning process. It would be very important to invite teachers to be part of a space planning and construction process as early as possible to avoid pedagogically fatal mistakes and problems in construction of physical spaces.


Lindfors, E., Jaatinen, J., Wendelius, S., & Uljas, M. (2021). Kohti uutta käsityön oppimis- ja työympäristöä : Opettajien näkemyksiä tilasuunnitteluun. Ainedidaktiikka5(2), 25–50.

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