Actors, Structures and Law

Author: jtmnie

FRA-Rap to thank the FRA staff and the members of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency Scientific Committee 2013-18

World moves so fast today

the past seems so far away

we met just five years ago

little did we know!

In the beginning

was team building

Mårten got us organized

reports to be scrutinized.

Rosemary took the lead

and soon the heat

with the influx of refugees in 2015.

With the help of Barbara and Afsheen

we have worked for the HR protection

making reports on discrimination

child rights, autonomy and de-institutionalization

fingerprints, hotspots  and data-protection

rule of law, EU-midis and Roma inclusion.

Michael brought the message to the Commission

Gabriel, Joanne and Iohannis cared for communication.

Eating many a gulasch in Sperl restaurant

made us exuberant

after approving the final handbook

we’ll put our experience in a book

that will give us a reason

to meet in the coming season!


Author: Two first lines from Miseducation of Lauren Hill, the rest JN.

Seminar report

Summary of the Univerisity seminar on Jan 19th, 2018/JN:

Thank you for coming to this old city

to share your thoughts about university

to give speeches in its honor

in the midst of your daily labor

It is great to be among friends

when we are facing new trends

among them flagships

demand on leadership.

pressure to get scholarships

Deans are pushing for international publishing

in journals with high ranking

and more efficient supervising

In Finland’s Academy open access

is the key to success.

To tell the truth, contradicting conditions

are the norm in higher education.

We are changing entrance examination

to curriculum leading to Master.

Would the progress be faster

with a separate program access

completing the Bologna process

The creation of new knowledge

should all standpoints acknowledge.

We have been today bilingual,

and quite intellectual.

Also gender, race or age

should not be a cage

but as a source of experience

enriching work of science.

University is for us precious

but conditions often precarious.

Among all academic hardship

it is wonderful to have your friendship!


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