C.A.S.H. Reports

Viranomaisyhteistyö raskaassa tavaraliikenteessä Kaakkois-Suomessa: Havaintoja Liikkuvan poliisin, Tullin ja Rajavartiolaitoksen yhteistyöstä (15/2012)

State-of-the-art Technology to Control Heavy Goods Vehicles from Police Perspective (12/2012)

C.A.S.H. Final Report: Key Findings and Results of the C.A.S.H. Project 2009–2012 (11/2012)

Risk Management in Logistics: Empirical Results from the Baltic Sea Region from 2010 until 2012 (10/2012)

Cooperation between Authorities for Heavy Goods Traffic in Southeast Finland: Findings in cooperation between National Traffic Police, Finnish Customs and Finnish Border Guard (9/2012)

Infrared Camera Application for the Testing of Heavy Truck Braking Systems: C.A.S.H. WP5 Report: Equipment safety and risk (8/2012)

C.A.S.H. Project Work Package 4 Final Report: Cooperation between authorities—C.A.S.H. project’s findings and recommendations for Baltic Sea Region’s Traffic enforcement authorities (7/2012)

Market Structure Analysis for International Road Freight Transport in Lithuania (6/2012)

Framework for the Application of Digital Tachographs in the Baltic Sea Region: Legal and practical information for transport entreprises and public authorities (5/2012)

C.A.S.H. Survey on Drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles in 2010–2011: Traffic behaviour, attitudes, occupational health and cultural differences around Baltic Sea (4/2012)

Latvian Road Sector and Enforcement of Regulations of International Road Haulage in Historical Perspective (3/2012)

Business Plan for Improved Cross Border Research and Development Cooperation With HGV Control Equipment Users, Manufacturers and Technology Agencies: Applying for FP7/Horizon 2020 (2/2012)

Business Plan for Improving Cross-Border Cooperation in Procurement of HGV Control Equipment: The example of an infrared camera (1/2012)

Analysis of Transport Risks: Empirical Results from the Baltic Sea Region in 2010/2011 (3/2011)

The Market Structure Analysis for International Road Freight Transport in Latvia (2/2011)

The Impact of Market Structure on International Road Freight Safety: A Cross-Case Analysis of Finnish Firms and Finnish and Estonian Competent Authorities in 2010–2011 (1/2011)

Compliance and Enforcement of Regulations of International Road Haulage: Exploratory findings in the Baltic Sea Region in 2009 (1/2010)


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C.A.S.H. Seminar in Brussels, Belgium, 28 April 2010

Introduction to C.A.S.H. Project by Lauri Ojala, professor at Turku School of Economics and Project Director of C.A.S.H. Project

Baltic Sea Region Transnational Co-operation Programme 2007–2013, Priority 2: External and Internal Accessability by Ann-Kerstin Myleus, Deputy Head of Unit at DG Regional Policy of European Commission

C.A.S.H. Project and situation in Norway by Roar S. Larsen, Acting Head of National Mobile Police Service of Norway

Putting C.A.S.H. Project Research Results into Practice with Police Authorities by Wolfgang Kersten, professor at Hamburg University of Technology

The EU Road Haulage Legislation by Olli Pirkanniemi from Land Transport Policy Unit of European Commission

Traffic Information System Police (TISPOL) Presentation by Koen Ricour, Head of Policy Department Federal Highway Police of Brussels Region

Transport planning by Sören Christiansen, Vice-President of IRU GEMD

Project outlines

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