Faculty and PhD researchers in Management & Organization came together in mid-January for two days to discuss current and potential future research areas. The aim was to get to know one another, make sense of shared research topics, and plan steps forward in terms of research strategy. We located in the beautiful Turku islands where we had presentations and intense discussions during the day and relaxed at dinner and in the sauna, hot tub, and frozen sea during the evening.

Over our get-together we took notice that all current research topics fit under the umbrella of humane and sustainable transformations, be it as regards personal transformation and leadership, digitalization and the environmental crisis. As the presentations and discussions moved on, it became clearly visible that our work has a common nominator: An intention of creating a thriving and flourishing world for all living things. Since the current way of leading and organizing is no longer sustainable, we recognize a shift happening to a new paradigm which highlights connecting and collaboration as well as humane skills and practices.

As a group we at M&O form a reflective community of changemakers and sense-givers driving the transition towards a regenerative world at all levels: Individual, organizational, societal, and the natural environment. All people are changemakers and leaders in their daily lives with tremendous power to make a difference even with the smallest and simplest forms of action, through being our authentic human selves. In the new paradigm leaders in positions of power are shifting from competitive games to radical and bold collaborative action. In the end of the day, we need both: radical boldness as well as small and gentle everyday actions.

If you want to get to know us more, take a look at our web page. Below also a listing of currently active research projects and PhD researchers. Don’t hesitate to contact, we are always open for discussion!

List of ongoing research projects in M&O

BIODIFORM – Combining biodiversity research and business studies to provide sustainable solutions.

BIODIFUL – Biodiversity respectful leadership.

CICAT2025 – Accelerating the transition from linear to circular economy.

Leader development – The role of new leaders’ personal and shared goals in identity development.

JOPO – Shared leadership development in project teams.

DigiRaksa – Digitalization of work in construction industry.

C-DISK – Digital transformation and digital skills.

NWoW – New world of working: Digital platform for professional growth and change management.

Developing networked research collaboration with transdisciplinary mentoring

List of PhD researchers and their research topics

Saara Karasvirta – Organizational change, change management, change capability

Sari Kola – The Power of We: Collaborating for sustainable future

Juho Vaiste – Ethical agency of AI developers

Vaula Berg – Sustainability agency, social psychology, humane leadership

Laura G. Vargas – The ecology, benefits, and implementation of sustainable leadership

Elina Honkasalo – Recovery from work (stress), psychological flexibility

Kaisa “the LadyAI” Kukkonen – Managing the value creation of artificial intelligence

Eeva Nummi – Dialogue and radical humanist organization

Sari Laine – Mindfulness, consciousness skills, well-being at work

Dennis Grenda – Organizational Change, Organizational Learning, Digitalization, Managerial Competence, Digital Competence

Mia Salo – Meaningfulness and meaningful agency

Larissa Niemi  – The advancing of environmental sustainability in the Finnish health care sector

Marion Karppi – Social networks and well-being at work