4th OpenRisk Workshop on 30th of October in Malmö, Sweden

The HAZARD project represented by the Hamburg University of Technology (WP4 leader) participated in the final OpenRisk workshop on Risk Assessment Tools for Pollution Preparedness and Response (PPR), which took place on the 30th of October in the World Maritime University (WMT) in Malmö, Sweden.

A series of four workshops (13-14 June 2017 Helsinki, 12 October 2017 Lisbon, 24-25 April 2018 Valletta and 30 October 2018 Malmö) aimed to gather regional PPR organizations, Risk Assessment experts and other stakeholders in order to develop a toolbox with an associated guideline for risk assessment. The last workshop in Malmö focused on presenting the outcomes of the OpenRisk project and future plans within the scope of PPR risk management.

The successful cooperation with the OpenRisk enabled the extraction of several suitable methods that could be applied in the maritime and seaport areas. Additionally, the developed guidelines of the HAZARD and OpenRisk projects are based on the latest version of ISO 31000:2018 (Risk management – guidelines).

These fruitful meetings reflect the importance of cooperation between EU-Projects in allied fields, which serve as well an important role in validating the approaches and results with experts from different backgrounds.

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