Oil Leak and Mass Casualty Incident Exercise at the Port of Naantali

Neste 2017

Southwest Finland Emergency Services arranges a large-scale joint exercise on 18th October 2017. Multiple authorities take part in the exercise, which takes place at the Port of Naantali and at sea in northern Airisto.

The scenario

The scenario of the exercise is a collision between a passenger ship and an oil tanker,  which causes a shutdown of the waterway to the ports of Naantali and Turku.

100 people are injured in the passenger ship due to the collision. The Finnish Border Guard begins to evacuate people from the distressed passenger vessel, due to a fire onboard. Three MIRG teams from the Southwest Finland Emergency Services and Helsinki City Rescue Department take part in the evacuation.

On shore, the Southwest Finland Emergency services arranges an evacuation point in the Port of Naantali, in co-operation with the Emergency Medical Service. The patients are being transferred to the evacuation centre by helicopter and by boats. The Emergency Medical Service will practice nursing/first aid operations according to the catastrophe plan.

The collision of the two vessels also causes an oil spill to which the Southwest Finland Emergency Services responds. They use two class F vessels for oil recovery and four vessels for anchoring.

The daily operations of the Ports of Turku and Naantali are being affected by the shutdown of the waterway to the ports. The evacuation centre in the Port of Naantali disturbs the operations in the port, the operations in the Neste refinery are also being disturbed due to the accident.

Exercise objectives

  • Management of the exercise for Senior Fire Officers
  • Practicing co-operation within multi-authority operation
  • Practicing communication between authorities
  • Practicing situational awareness between authorities
  • Practicing evacuation
  • Practising oil spill recovery
  • Practicing evacuation centre operations
  • Practicing first aid operations according to the catastrophe plan

Organisations taking part in the exercise:

Southwest Finland Emergency Services
The Finnish Border Guard
Emergency Medical Services
Port of Turku
Port of Naantali
Neste Corporation, Logistics
Helsinki City Rescue Department
University of Turku

Download the exercise brochure:

Neste 2017 EN
Neste 2017 FI

For more information:

Development Manager Torbjörn Lindström
tel. +358 50 431 96 00
e-mail: torbjorn.lindstrom@turku.fi

Fire Officer Miikka Toivonen
tel. +358 40 620 54 73
e-mail: miikka.toivonen@turku.fi

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