Communication Between Authorities Seminar in Riga

Communication practises is one of the elements in the project’s exercise activities in the work package 2. The second communication seminar within the project was held in Riga, this time the emphasis was on the ports and communication between the authorities in ports, and also between the other authorities in case of an incident.

The  seminar was arranged in co-operation with the Port of Riga. it was very useful and interesting to get to know yet another major Baltic Sea Region port, and also meet some of the other local authorities.

View over the Port of Riga. Photo Mariikka Whiteman

Mr. Juris Dalbins from the Port of Riga presented the dangerous goods circulation in the port of Riga, Hermanis Cernovas, former Head of the Latvian Naval Forces Coast Guard Service presented the Latvian Coast Guard activities and role and the Latvian maritime crisis management system. Marine Accident Investigation Division Director Mr. Aleksandrs Pavlovics presented the role of the Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureu of the Republic of Latvia. We also heard about the Awareness and Monitoring System HOTSEC.

After the presentations we had a change to visit the Port Control, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS).

At the port! Photo Mindaugas Kuopys
Maria Nykyri and the view over the port area. Photo Mindaugas Kuopys


VTS and Port Control. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
Visit to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
The HAZARD group. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
Kari Riutta examining the area. Photo Mariikka Whiteman


The second day of the seminar started with crisis communication, Mr. Ivars Svilāns, who has a long experience working in the banking and retail businesses, held a good presentation about communication in crisis situations. After that each port partner told about their plans and  procedures, and the day ended with a discussion about possible problem areas with the communication between authorities.

Aleksandras Kaupas and the communication procedures in the Port of Klaipeda. Photo Mindaugas Kuopys


The last morning was used for workshops, where the problem areas in the communication between authorities were discssed in small groups.

Miikka Toivonen was moderating the workshops. Photo Mindaugas Kuopys
Mikka Toivonen, Maria Nykyri and Norbert Smietanka presenting their workshop findings. Photo Mindaugas Kuopys
Renata Strazdauskiene, Tarja Siekkinen and Kari Riutta strating their presentation. Photo Mariikka Whiteman


Thank you for the Port of Riga for hosting us!

Our message! Photo Mindaugas Kuopys

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