Planning of an Exercise Experience in Tallinn

Only two months till the EUSBSR Annual Forum in Tallinn! HAZARD, along with other Flagship projects ChemSAR, DiveSMART Baltic and Balex Delta, is taking part in a seminar about exercises as a form of co-operation. The seminar is hosted by PA Secure & PA Safe. In our sessions we won’t only discuss about exercises, we will also demonstrate a live exercise!

The projects along with the PA Secure coordinators met in Tallinn to plan the scenario of the demonstration on the spot. In addition to a chemical spill, divers, fire fighters and vessels, you can see how the international co-operation between authorities works, why it is needed and what can be learned from the exercises. So make sure, you’ll come and join our seminar sessions in Tallinn 5th June! More info will be published soon.

This is where it will happen! Andriy Martinenko from the the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) secretariat (PA Secure), Danel Tüür from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (ChemSAR) and Jürgen Krempin from the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service (HAZARD)

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