HALATEF 2018 – Large-scale safety exercise in Hamburg

Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service arranged together with HHLA a large-scale exercise at the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg on 15 September 2018.

In the scenario, a van carrier driver looses consciousness while working in the port. Many things need attention in an emergency situation like this, to ensure the rescue operations is safe and there’s no extra damage because of the situation. The situation calls for a Height Rescue Unit, also a rescue platform is always needed in height accidents. There is very limited space in the van carrier and rescue operations and first aid is thus challenging.

It is also important to inform the traffic control about the situation so that there is no movement due to running systems or by pushing buttons or levers accidentally. That secures that the rescue units and supporting units are safe.

Some containers are damaged because of the accident and there’s a dangerous chemical leak. Some persons are contaminated. Analytical Task Force (ATF) tackles the leak and starts their response. Contaminated people will be taken into decontamination.

Getting ready for the exercise.
Rescue operation in a high place.
The injured person must be rescued from the crane.
The space is very limited, which makes the rescue operation more difficult.
The rescuers are bringing down the victim.
The operation was successful.
Hazardous material leak in a container.
Analytic Task Force.
State-of-the-art technology was used.


Decontamination station
Media interviewing Professor Kersten
Some happy observers



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