Full-scale exercise in Hamburg, Germany

The Fire and Rescue Service Hamburg arranged the full-scale exercise on 13th May 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. Over 500 persons took part in the exercise and it was one of the biggest exercises that have been arranged in Hamburg. The exercise went as planned and it was successful.

Before the exercise a jointly discussion how the preparedness for HNS incidents could be improved in the Baltic Sea area was held. The seminar lasted for two days and it took place on 11th – 12th May in Hamburg.

Photos: Lauri Ojala

More information about the exercise:

Mr Thorsten Grams
Head of Station, Technology and Environmental Protection Station
tel. +49 40 42 851 – 3201

Mr Miikka Toivonen
WP2 Leader, SW Finland Emergency Services
tel. +358 40 620 5473

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