Oil Spill Response Exercise in Porvoo

HAZARD partner Neste Corporation arranged together with several authorities and volunteer organisations an exercise which tested the oil destruction measures, co-operation between the authorities and manoeuvring of people and vessels. The exercise was arranged nearby Neste’s Porvoo refinery (FI) 6-7 September 2017 with over 100 participants.

Neste refinery area in Kilpilahti, Porvooo
Fire engines in the port
Heikki Tegelberg, Manager, Porvoo Harbour Logistics

The scenario of the exercise was an operational problem in a bunker vessel which caused a leakage of 10.000 litres of heavy fuel oil in the sea. The aim was to limit the leakage by placing a containment boom around the leaking vessel and to recover the oil from the sea.

Containment booms around the vessel
Coast Guard
Rescue Service


In the second part of the exercise oil was collected from shores with the help of volunteer organizations.

Volunteer organisation Finnish Lifeboat Institute took part in the exercise
Volunteers from WWF were helping in recovering oil from the shores


Organisations taking part in the exercise:
Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department
Neste Corporation
OSM Finland
Gulf of Finland Coast Guard District
Finnish Environment Institute
WWF Finland
MRSC Helsinki
Emergency Response Center, Kerava

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