Check out the video of our joint exercise in Naantali

In October HAZARD had a joint exercise in the port of Naantali. The video of this exercise is now published.

The scenario of the exercise was a collision of a passenger ship and an oil tanker, which caused a shutdown of the waterway to the ports of Naantali and Turku. Due to the collision several people were injured in the passenger ship. The Finnish Border Guard started to evacuate people from the distressed vessel, due to a fire onboard. Three MIRG (Maritime Incident Response Group) teams from the Southwest Finland Emergency Services and Helsinki City Rescue Department came onboard to help finding the casualties in the ship and in the evacuation.

HAZARD project arranges over 10 large-scale exercises during 2016-2019. The project aims at mitigating the effects of emergencies, such as leakages of hazardous materials, fires on board, oil spills in port areas as well as explosions of gases and chemicals.

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