European Port Authorities’ Website Content and Usability Evaluation is now complete

Websites are an important display window for any organisation. The accessibility of the information they provide is essential, especially in the case of safety and security issues. As part of the HAZARD project, the content and usability of European Port Authorities’ websites have been evaluated.

In March 2019, Sari Kokkila’s study on the North European Port Authorities’ Website Content and Usability Evaluation was presented at the final conference of project HAZARD as well as on our website. This study concerned the main port authorities in northern Europe.

The evaluation focused on safety and security issues communicated via public websites, but also took into account general information about the Port Authority, alongside with evaluation of usability and quality of the websites.

To complement Kokkila’s research, Series II of the evaluation followed as part of the ResQU2 Project Platform. This second part included the main port authorities in southern Europe. 59 websites with English content were evaluated and ranked. Based on this study, the top three ports are:

1. Port of Koper (SL)
2. Port of Marseille Fos (FR)
3. Port of Tarragona (ES)

However, when the results of the two European series are combined, the Port of Helsinki continues to hold the number-one ranking.

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