14–15 March 2019: HAZARD Final Conference, Tallinn, Estonia


15 February 2019: HAZARD Workshop organized by PSRA, Gdynia, Poland


16 January 2019: The third co-operation meeting for risk assessment, Hamburg, Germany



27–29 November 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Turku, Finland


18–19 October 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Klaipeda, Lithuania


14–15 September 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Hamburg, Germany

13–14 September 2018: Hamburg International Conference of Logistics, Hamburg, Germany


30.8.–1.9. Eurooppafoorumi, Turku, Finland

28–30 August 2018: Management Team Meeting, Finland


24–30 June 2018: Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar SSARS 2018, Gdansk/Sopot, Poland

7 June 2018: PortCyber Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4–5 June 2018: EUSBSR Annual Forum, Tallinn, Estonia


29–30 May 2018: SC Resiliency and Hybrid Threats seminar, Brussels, Belgium

23–25 May 2018: International Transport Forum Summit 2018, Leipzig, Germany

16–17 May 2018: Navigate Fair, Turku Finland
Nordic Maritime Expo in Finland

15–17 May 2018: Large Scale Exercise, Naantali, Finland

8–10 May 2018: IAPH World Conference, Baku, Azerbaijan


24–25 April 2018: Third Open-risk Inter-regional Workshop on risk-assessment Tools for pollution prevention and response, Valletta, Malta

24 April 2018: Annual Dangerous Goods Conference, Göteborg, Sweden

19–21 April 2018: Exercise & WP Co-operation Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

12–14 April 2018: OECD International Transport Forum Roundtable “Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Management of Multi-modal Supply Chains”, Paris, France


22–23 March 2018: Official launch of the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP), Antwerp, Belgium

14 March 2018: Workshop of the EU Hybrid Centre of Excellence, Helsinki, Finland
HAZARD-related presentation on Seaport safety & security issues

7–9 March 2018: Communication Seminar, Riga, Latvia

6–8 March 2018: MOSPA 2018 – Oil Spills in Arctic Areas Seminar, Oulu, Finland
Oil Spill Exercise in Ice Conditions and Arctic Oil Spill Conference


12–14 February 2018: KriSu Exercise, Turku, Finland


24–25 January 2018: Case: Port of Fredericia, Denmark




15 November 2017: WP Co-operation Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

2 November 2017: Academic Partners meeting, Gdansk, Poland


17–19 October 2017: Large Scale Exercise, Naantali, Finland

Multi-authority exercise


28–29 September 2017: LNG accident exercise, Klaipeda, Lithuania

27 September 2017: Midterm Partner Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

27 September 2017: Interreg BSR Monitoring Committee Meeting, Turku, Finland

19–20 September 2017: Annual Port Conference, Rauma, Finland

6–8 September 2017: Baltic Ports Conference, Trelleborg, Sweden

6–7 September 2017: Joint Exercise, Porvoo, Finland


31 August 2017: ChemSAR & HAZARD joint workshop with EMSA experts, Lisbon, Portugal


26 June–1 July: SSARS 2017, 11th Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars, Gdańsk/Sopot-Jelitkowo, Poland

13–14 June 2017: LNG Seminar, Klaipeda, Lithuania

13–14 June 2017: EUSBSR Annual Forum, Berlin, Germany

5 June 2017: Cyber Security Seminar for ports, Helsinki, Finland


30 May 2017: Baltic Sea Region Forum, Turku, Finland

12–14 May 2017: Hazardous substances measurement and decontamination –Chemrad 2017–, Hamburg, Germany

A joint exercise with around 400 participants in Hamburg.

11–12 May 2017: HNS preparedness workshop with ChemSAR and DiveSMART Baltic, Hamburg, Germany


26 April 2017: Current Policy Issues in Maritime and Port Safety and Security, Hotel Thon EU, Brussels

Seminar for the policymakers and stakeholders in Brussels together with ChemSAR and DiveSMART Baltic projects.


13–15 February 2017: Krisu Exercise, Kuopio, Finland

The aim of the Krisu exercise is to practice management of crisis and large scale emergency situations in which several public authorities take part.

6 February 2017: WP5 Exercise, Hamburg, Germany

HHLA is organising an exercise with the Fire and Rescue Service of Hamburg to rescue persons from heights in the Port of Hamburg.


18–19 January 2017: Communication in Crisis Seminar, Turku, Finland

SW Finland Emergency Services is organising a seminar related to Crisis Communication in Turku.




7 December 2016: Large-scale exercise on chemical leak, Turku, Finland

SW Finland Emergency Services is organising a joint large-scale exercise in the Port of Turku.


21–22 November 2016: WP4 & WP5 Meeting, Hamburg


27–28 October 2016: WP2 Meeting, Klaipeda


17 September 2016: Large-scale Exercise in Hamburg


30 June–2 July 2016: FEU Council Meeting, Barcelona, Spain

Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations

19–25 June 2016: SSARS 16 Conference, Gdańsk/Sopot-Jelitkowo, Poland

Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars

9 June 2016: HAZARD Meeting for Seaport Partners, Naantali, Finland

9 June 2016: HAZARD Meeting for Rescue Services, Turku, Finland

9–10 June 2016: NOFOMA Conference, Turku, Finland

HAZARD Academic partners present their activities as part of NOFOMA Conference, Turku, Finland (>>Read more)

8 June 2016: HAZARD Project Kick-off, Turku, Finland

7 June 2016: Financial Management Meeting, Turku Finland


26 May 2016:, Turku Chamber of Commerce transport delegation, Loimaa, Finland

20 May 2016: Baltic Sea Region Forum of Finland, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at the National Baltic Sea Region Forum of Finland, Turku;  >>Read more

18–19 May 2016: European Maritime Day, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at The European Maritime Day in Turku, Finland; >>Read more

18–19 May 2016: Navigate Fair, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at NaviGate, The Maritime Expo in Turku, Finland; >>Read more

12 May, 2016: Aland Maritime Day (Sjöfartens Dag), Mariehamn, Finland

HAZARD is present at the Maritime Day in Mariehamn, Åland; >>Read more