14-15 March 2019: HAZARD Final Conference, Tallinn, Estonia


16 January 2019: The third co-operation meeting for risk assessment, Hamburg, Germany



27-29 November 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Turku, Finland


18-19 October 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Klaipeda, Lithuania


14-15 September 2018: Large-scale Exercise, Hamburg, Germany

13-14 September 2018: Hamburg International Conference of Logistics, Hamburg, Germany


30.8.-1.9. Eurooppafoorumi, Turku, Finland

28-30 August 2018: Management Team Meeting, Finland


24-30 June 2018: Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar SSARS 2018, Gdansk/Sopot, Poland

7 June 2018: PortCyber Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4-5 June 2018: EUSBSR Annual Forum, Tallinn, Estonia


29-30 May 2018: SC Resiliency and Hybrid Threats seminar, Brussels, Belgium

23-25 May 2018: International Transport Forum Summit 2018, Leipzig, Germany

16-17 May 2018: Navigate Fair, Turku Finland
Nordic Maritime Expo in Finland

15-17 May 2018: Large Scale Exercise, Naantali, Finland

8-10 May 2018: IAPH World Conference, Baku, Azerbaijan


24-25 April 2018: Third Open-risk Inter-regional Workshop on risk-assessment Tools for pollution prevention and response, Valletta, Malta

24 April 2018: Annual Dangerous Goods Conference, Göteborg, Sweden

19-21 April 2018: Exercise & WP Co-operation Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

12-14 April 2018: OECD International Transport Forum Roundtable “Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Management of Multi-modal Supply Chains”, Paris, France


22-23 March 2018: Official launch of the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP), Antwerp, Belgium

14 March 2018: Workshop of the EU Hybrid Centre of Excellence, Helsinki, Finland
HAZARD-related presentation on Seaport safety & security issues

7-9 March 2018: Communication Seminar, Riga, Latvia

6-8 March 2018: MOSPA 2018 – Oil Spills in Arctic Areas Seminar, Oulu, Finland
Oil Spill Exercise in Ice Conditions and Arctic Oil Spill Conference


12-14 February 2018: KriSu Exercise, Turku, Finland


24-25 January 2018: Case: Port of Fredericia, Denmark




15 November 2017: WP Co-operation Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

2 November 2017: Academic Partners meeting, Gdansk, Poland


17-19 October 2017: Large Scale Exercise, Naantali, Finland

Multi-authority exercise


28-29 September 2017: LNG accident exercise, Klaipeda, Lithuania

27 September 2017: Midterm Partner Meeting, Klaipeda, Lithuania

27 September 2017: Interreg BSR Monitoring Committee Meeting, Turku, Finland

19-20 September 2017: Annual Port Conference, Rauma, Finland

6-8 September 2017: Baltic Ports Conference, Trelleborg, Sweden

6-7 September 2017: Joint Exercise, Porvoo, Finland


31 August 2017: ChemSAR & HAZARD joint workshop with EMSA experts, Lisbon, Portugal


26 June – 1 July: SSARS 2017, 11th Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars, Gdańsk/Sopot-Jelitkowo, Poland

13-14 June 2017: LNG Seminar, Klaipeda, Lithuania

13-14 June 2017: EUSBSR Annual Forum, Berlin, Germany

5 June 2017: Cyber Security Seminar for ports, Helsinki, Finland


30 May 2017: Baltic Sea Region Forum, Turku, Finland

12-14 May 2017: Hazardous substances measurement and decontamination –Chemrad 2017–, Hamburg, Germany

A joint exercise with around 400 participants in Hamburg.

11-12 May 2017: HNS preparedness workshop with ChemSAR and DiveSMART Baltic, Hamburg, Germany


26 April 2017: Current Policy Issues in Maritime and Port Safety and Security, Hotel Thon EU, Brussels

Seminar for the policymakers and stakeholders in Brussels together with ChemSAR and DiveSMART Baltic projects.


13-15 February 2017: Krisu Exercise, Kuopio, Finland

The aim of the Krisu exercise is to practice management of crisis and large scale emergency situations in which several public authorities take part.

6 February 2017: WP5 Exercise, Hamburg, Germany

HHLA is organising an exercise with the Fire and Rescue Service of Hamburg to rescue persons from heights in the Port of Hamburg.


18-19 January 2017: Communication in Crisis Seminar, Turku, Finland

SW Finland Emergency Services is organising a seminar related to Crisis Communication in Turku.




7 December 2016: Large-scale exercise on chemical leak, Turku, Finland

SW Finland Emergency Services is organising a joint large-scale exercise in the Port of Turku.


21 – 22 November 2016: WP4 & WP5 Meeting, Hamburg


27 – 28 October 2016: WP2 Meeting, Klaipeda


17 September 2016: Large-scale Exercise in Hamburg


30 June – 2 July 2016: FEU Council Meeting, Barcelona, Spain

Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations

19-25 June 2016: SSARS 16 Conference, Gdańsk/Sopot-Jelitkowo, Poland

Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars

9 June 2016: HAZARD Meeting for Seaport Partners, Naantali, Finland

9 June 2016: HAZARD Meeting for Rescue Services, Turku, Finland

9-10 June 2016: NOFOMA Conference, Turku, Finland

HAZARD Academic partners present their activities as part of NOFOMA Conference, Turku, Finland (>>Read more)

8 June 2016: HAZARD Project Kick-off, Turku, Finland

7 June 2016: Financial Management Meeting, Turku Finland


26 May 2016:, Turku Chamber of Commerce transport delegation, Loimaa, Finland

20 May 2016: Baltic Sea Region Forum of Finland, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at the National Baltic Sea Region Forum of Finland, Turku;  >>Read more

18-19 May 2016: European Maritime Day, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at The European Maritime Day in Turku, Finland; >>Read more

18-19 May 2016: Navigate Fair, Turku, Finland

HAZARD is present at NaviGate, The Maritime Expo in Turku, Finland; >>Read more

12 May, 2016: Aland Maritime Day (Sjöfartens Dag), Mariehamn, Finland

HAZARD is present at the Maritime Day in Mariehamn, Åland; >>Read more