Neste 2017 Exercise in the Port of Naantali

Southwest Finland Emergency Services arranged a large-scale exercise  in the Port of Naantali and in the sea area outside the port on 18th October 2017. Multiple authorities and other organisations took part in this exercise, altogether close to 300 participated in it.

The scenario of the exercise was a collision of a passenger ship and an oil tanker, which caused a shutdown of the waterway to the ports of Naantali and Turku. Due to the collision several people were injured in the passenger ship. The Finnish Border Guard started to evacuate people from the distressed vessel, due to a fire onboard. Three MIRG (Maritime Incident Response Group) teams from the Southwest Finland Emergency Services and Helsinki City Rescue Department came onboard to help finding the casualties in the ship and in the evacuation.

The Hot Spot of the exercise. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
The Finnish Border guards OPV Uisko played the role of the oil tanker. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
The first MIRG team is arriving to the distressed vessel. Photo The Finnish Border Guard
Photo Mariikka Whiteman
The border guard officer is negotiating with the MIRG team leader. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
The observers and media were following the events onboard m/s Ukko. Photo Mariikka Whiteman


The collision of the two vessels caused an oil spill to which the Southwest Finland Emergency Services responded. They started the oil recovery procedures with multiple vessels.

Oil Spill Recovery vessel m/s Eleonora. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
Spreading the boom. Photo Mariikka Whiteman

Evacuation of a patient on a stretcher. Photo Mariikka Whiteman

One of the three MIRG teams came from Helsinki City Rescue Department. They participated as part of the co-operation with the ChemSAR project. Photo Mariikka Whiteman

The Finnish Lifeboat Institution took part in the exercise. They were transferring the passengers and patients from the ship to the evacuation centre. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
Photo The Finnish Border Guard



On shore, the South-West Finland Emergency services arranged an evacuation centre in the Port of Naantali, in co-operation with the Emergency Medical Service. The patients were transferred to the evacuation centre by boats. The Emergency Medical Service practiced nursing/first aid operations according to the catastrophe plan.

Patients successfully evacuated to the port of Naantali. Photo Maria Nykyri
Evacuation. Photo Eeva Hämäläinen
Southwest Finland Emergency Services and Emergency Medical Service Working together for ensuring safe transfer of the patients. Photo Eeva Hämäläinen
The command centre on the passenger ship. Photo Mariikka Whiteman
MIRG teams’ debriefing. Photo Mariikka Whiteman


The HAZARD Project leader Professor Lauri Ojala thanking the participants after the exercise. Photo Mariikka Whiteman

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