Joint Exercise 7.12. in the Port of Turku

The Southwest Finland Emergency Services is arranging in co-operation with other authorities and partners a major joint exercise in the Port of Turku on 7th December 2017 at 9:00-11:30. During the exercise traces of harmless smoke can be detected in the port area and there will be more rescue vehicles in the area than usual. The exercise is part of the HAZARD project.

 The exercise will simulate a chemical leak accident. The exercise was planned according to the risks identified in the risk assessment of the Port of Turku’s safety report. The organisations taking part in the exercise are the Port of Turku, Algol Ltd, Tallink Silja, Southwestern Finland Police Department, the City of Turku, Emergency Response Centre Turku, University of Turku, Hospital District of Southwest Finland, Finnish Defence Forces, Regional State Administrative Agencies and ISS Security.


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