Message from Brussels: Co-operation is needed!

Hazard arranged together with two other EUSBSR flagship projets ChemSAR and Dive SMART Baltic a policy discussion seminar on Maritime and port safety and security in Brussels on 26th April. The purpose of the event was to discuss about current issues and their compliance in the maritime and port safety and security.

Professor Lauri Ojala from the University of Turku/HAZARD Project chaired the discussion, the speakers were Mr. Markku Mylly (EMSA), Ms. Merja Kyllönen (EP), Mr. Bogdan Oldakowski (BPO), Mr. Norbert Denninghoff (Neste Corporation, Rotterdam) and Mr. Chris Addiers (FEU).

The common message from all speakers was that in order to reach the goal for a safe and secure maritime transport and port operations we need co-operation between all sectors. Read the full report of the event here.

Photos: Päivi Söderholm

Lauri Ojala, Markku Mylly, Merja Kyllönen and Bogdan Oldakowski
Lauri Ojala and Markku Mylly
Merja Kyllönen and Bogdan Oldakowski
Bogdan Oldakowski
Maik Schmaal

Chris Addiers


Norbert Denninghoff and Lauri Ojala

Chris Addiers
Johan Genestig and Jonas Westerberg

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